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Terms and Conditions.

Terms of Use

Welcome to Malomal ( By accessing our website, you are agreeing to the following terms that have been designed to ensure Malomal works for all users. This term of use is effective March 23, 2015.

Using Malomal. You will post in the appropriate category and will not do anything that is considered bad, such as:

·         Violate any laws or our Policy on Prohibited Content;

·         Infringe the rights of any third party;

·         Create misleading or false ads;

·         Distribute viruses or any other malware that can damage Malomal or the property or interests of other users;

·         Distribute materials that contain spam, pyramid schemes, or chain letters;

·         Copy and/or modify the content of other users;

·         Subject Malomal’s servers to unreasonable load that can interfere with the normal operations of the website;

·         Harvest or collect data about other users that include their email addresses, without the users’ consent;

·         Bypass the security features that restrict access to Malomal;

·         Utilise spider, scraper, robot, or any other automated methods to collect content from Malomal without our written consent.


Abusing Malomal. We have implemented a flagging system that allows users to tell us about any abusive or problematic content on the website. If found guilty, we can limit or terminate our service, remove the offending classified ad, and take legal and technical actions to keep users off the website that we think are problematic or go against company policies. However, whether we choose to remove the offending classified, take any steps, or ban a user from the website or not, we do not have any liability for monitoring the website or for illegal or unauthorised content on Malomal.

Global Marketplace. Some of the Malomal’s features allow the display of user’s ads on other websites. By using our service, you agree that your classified ads can be displayed on other websites. The terms of the other sites are the same as our terms and you might be subjected to other restrictions or laws in the countries where the classified ad is posted. If you opt to post the ad to another website, you will be responsible for making sure that it doesn’t violate the policies of the other website. If the classified ad is flagged, or we believe it can cause problems due to policy violations, we will remove it without any warning.

Fees and Services. Use and membership in Malomal is free, but we might charge for some services. If the service is not for free, we give the user the option to review and accept the charge before we collect any fees. We will notify users about changes to our policies regarding fees. We will also choose to temporarily change the fees during promotional services or events. These changes are effective once we have announced the new service or promo. All our fees are non-refundable, and users are responsible for paying the fees when they are due. If the fees are not paid, then we might limit the user’s access to the services. If the payment doesn’t go through or if the account is already past the due date, we will continue to collect fees owed through other collection mechanisms.

Content. Malomal contains content from the company and other users. Users agree to not infringe to the content of other users on the website, trademarks and copyrights. Users give Malomal consent to exercise the publicity, database and copyright rights to the contents on the website. These rights are non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, sub-licensable, irrevocable, and worldwide. If you think your rights have been violated, contact our customer service support right away, and we will look into the issue. We will reserve the right to remove the content based on the results of the investigation.

Reporting Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights. We advise our users not to post content that violates the rights of other users, or third parties. This includes content that violates the intellectual property rights of trademark or copyright, such as providing counterfeit items for sale. If we suspect violation of our terms, we reserve the right to remove the classified ad. Only the owners of the intellectual property rights can report potential infringing items through our Verified Rights Owners Program. If you found an ad that violates your intellectual property rights, fill up the Notice of Claimed Infringement form and send it to Malomal. Once we have received the form, we will send additional instructions on how to submit future reports. We have the right to share the form with the offending third party.

Liability. We are not responsible for items that other users post or do on the website. A lot of content on Malomal comes from users and we can’t guarantee their authenticity all the time. We also can’t guarantee continuous access to our services. With regards to the full extent of the laws, we disclaim all warranties, conditions and representations that include those of merchantability, durability, fitness, and quality. We are not liable for any loss that resulted to the use of our website. Some jurisdictions don’t let the disclaimer of warranties, and that means these disclaimers and exclusions don’t apply to you.

Personal Information. By using Malomal, you agree to the transfer, collection, and storage of personal information on our servers. You can read our privacy policy to learn more about how we use your personal data.

General. These terms and other policies that are posted on this website constitute the agreement between Malomal and the user. They supersede any other agreements. The terms of use is governed by the laws of the country. The company and the users are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of laws. The agreement doesn’t affect the statutory rights of the user if one is a consumer, and applicable laws still apply. If we don’t enforce a policy, we are not waiving the right to do so in a later date. If any of the terms is stuck down by the courts, the remaining terms will still survive. No other amendment will be effective unless it has been made in writing and signed by us and the users. If you have any questions, complaints, or comments about the terms of use, send a message to our Customer Support.