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About Us

Malomal, a Free Classifieds Site: Advertising Alternatives


Welcome to Malomal, a free classified advertising site. I have created this site to offer fast and easy alternatives to buy or sell products or services. I also deal with job advertisements and housing option ads.

Free online advertising is an environmentally friendly solution. Probably you have items that you do not use anymore, they are just clutter within your home. Do not throw them in the garbage. You can put them up for sale. This way, you recycle your possessions: someone might make good use of them, and you earn some money. Since Malomal is a local advertising site, you can see any goods before you make a purchase. What you get is what you see. The ads will remain on the site for several days, they will not disappear within a week.

Perhaps you are looking for a job. You can find lots of available jobs in my listings.



The website is navigable, you can see the most important details at once. The site has a clear, classy design, a user-friendly interface, and, most of all, it is functional. Whatever advertising solutions you are looking for, you can find here in a few seconds with the search and advanced search options. You can search ads by price and category.

If you use my site, you do not have to waste time to make a purchase or to sell something you do not use anymore: it takes a couple of minutes. Neither do you have to waste money, since Malomal is a free website. It is easy to use and it is safe.


I have clear objectives:

·         I want a free online advertising website that is easy to deal with. You just register on my site and you can add your advertisement within a couple of minutes.

·         I want a versatile advertising site. I deal with just about every type of advertisements: local job opportunities, selling used items, buying items for a low price, housing options, rental homes, selling and buying homes.

·         I will use all the feedback I receive to enhance my digital advertising site and to tailor my advertising options to my visitors’ needs.

·         I want to ensure that the site is safe, credible and accurate. I will filter faux ads and spam. No fake or dishonest advertisement for my visitors.

·         I want an environmentally friendly local site. If you sell your used items instead of throwing them away, you recycle them.

·         I want to make my website mobile friendly so that you can use it on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

·         I want to turn this website into a well-loved, frequently visited classified ads website that offers good options, a supportive online community and valuable advice.